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About Us

Roy Van Driesche

I have worked professionally in entomology since 1976 with the University of Massachusetts. I have published 122 papers, 92 of them in peer reviewed journals. I have served as an editor for Biological Control for four years and am currently serving as an editor for Journal of Economic Entomology. I have published 8 books, the most recent being in 2008. I have served as a reviewer for hundreds of manuscripts submitted to a variety of entomology journals. This work and experience has given me a well grounded sense of correct style and the ability to carefully edit manuscripts.

Emmet Van Driesche

In my four years as managing editor of Van Driesche Scientific Editing, I have had the opportunity to edit hundreds of manuscripts that have been published in over 60 peer-reviewed journals. These manuscripts have been short communications, standard length research papers, PhD theses and even large national studies. This range of experience allows me to bring a keen eye for detail to bear on your work.