We provide pre-submission editing of manuscripts for entomological and related biological science journals.
Our services are especially suitable for authors for whom English is not their native language.
We specialize in manuscripts from China, Korea, Japan, and Latin America.
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We focus our editing on correct English, good sense, conformity to journal style, and concise presentation..

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At Van Driesche Scientific Editing, we don’t edit casually. Every sentence is examined to see if it can express your thoughts and research more clearly.

Not only do we edit for proper, strong English, we ensure:

  • That your statements correspond with your data
  • That your citations, references, and formatting conform to the style of your target journal
  • That nothing is missing, be it a description of a particular part of your methods, a cited reference, a species author, or a comma.

While we specialize in entomological manuscripts, we welcome those from related biological and ecological sciences as well.

Our goal is to make your manuscript the best that it can be.


About Us

Roy Van Driesche - Lead Editor

I have worked professionally in entomology since 1976, including being a professor at the University of Massachusetts for 41 years before retiring.

I have published 148 research manuscripts, 3 review articles, 22 book chapters, and 15 books or reports. I have served as an editor for Biological Control, Journal of Economic Entomology, and Invasion Biology.

I have provided technical reviews of hundreds of manuscripts submitted to a variety of entomology or ecology journals and mentored numerous MS and PhD students, helping them to become both good researchers and good writers.

This experience has given me a sense of style appropriate to my discipline and the ability to carefully edit manuscripts for clarity, format, and presentation.

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